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I’m Corey Wenger, Your SEO Trusted Advisor and Consultant.

My Background:

I started my digital marketing journey in 1999, where I was a co-owner of a digital marketing agency serving small to mid-market U.S. companies ranging from manufacturing to professional services. Over the years, I’ve been a partner or owner of (4) digital marketing and consulting agencies that focused on online leads and sales generation, website SEO Audits, local and national SEO Consulting Services, paid search (Google Ads), website design, and conversion rate optimization.

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Your SEO Trusted Advisor & Consultant:

For the last 20 years, I have been the SEO Trusted Advisor who has helped B2C and B2B startups to fortune 500 companies drive sales growth through successful lead generation SEO strategies and digital marketing programs.

“Marketing ROI for yearly SEO Consulting Retainers average Ten Times the annual SEO Contract.” 

SEO plans are customized to fit your unique challenges, opportunities, business goals, competition, and industry. I utilize proven and effective Best Indianapolis SEO Agencies 2022-2023 SEO best practices and technologies to help your company increase SEO rankings, leads and sales. Certified SEMRush Agency Partner - Corey Wenger SEO Consulting

To help understand the full benefits of SEO Consultants and SEO Audits, read this article: “What Are The Benefits Of SEO And A Website SEO Audit?”

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Client Testimonials:

“In the 18 months that Corey Wenger has been working with us, he has worked with us to increase our website traffic and leads, provided ongoing SEO training for our staff on SEO tools, content optimizations, and technical SEO website enhancements, and improved our website speed. In addition, he helps us stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends in the digital marketing industry and provides valuable insights that have helped us stay ahead of the curve and competition.” – Kyle.

“Corey has helped us to reduce our online search engine spending and increase qualified traffic to our site. He is my SEO Expert, and I trust him for advice on any of our online marketing needs. Corey has set up our online campaign tracking tools and is considered one of my team. He is straight forward and great to work with. I look to him for all our online marketing efforts.” – Karalee S.

“Corey has impressive Technical SEO and broad digital marketing experience. This helped us to increase our SEO rankings across important product lines through our portfolio of eCommerce websites. This resulted in adding several millions of dollars to our eCommerce sales revenues.” – Robin.

Brands I Have Worked With:

Brands I have worked with.

Industries I've Consulted:I utilize proven and effective SEO best practices and technologies to help your company increase SEO rankings and sales leads.

Professional Services
Medical & Optical

If you are looking for help to:

→ Increase Sales
→ Boost online sales leads
→ Increase website traffic
→ Develop effective SEO strategies
→ Avoid negatively affecting your SEO from launching a new website
→ Improve your local online presence
→ Increase online brand reach

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