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One of the most important aspects of being a successful SEO Consultant and Advisor is your ability to help your clients learn and master all areas of SEO.

Whether I teach you how to audit your website for potential optimization issues or provide tailored training specifically designed for your business, it is crucial to learn how to apply the latest SEO techniques and strategies to improve your SEO rankings.

This can range from setting up SEO tools to help identify SEO issues to optimizing on-page factors to help you rank higher for targeted search terms and topics.

✅ I offer SEO training in two ways.

1) Training included in your Monthly SEO Consulting Retainer

2) SEO Workshops (1/2 or full-day on or off-site training)

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What topics are included in your SEO Training?

Website SEO Audits – how to set up technical and content audits, what tools to use, what factors are the most important, how to fix identified website SEO issues, what resources are needed to implement SEO fixes and enhancements, etc.

✅ Keyword and Topics Research – identifying your high-value SEO pages and SEO terms, what tools to use, competitor research, using search intent, long-tail terms, etc.

✅ SEO Baseline – establish what terms you currently rank for, how much SEO traffic you are getting, organic (SEO) KPIs like website visits, engagement metrics (time on site or number of pages visited), and related metrics used to determine your SEO baseline.

✅ SEO Copywriting – identifying high-value SEO pages, determining best SEO terms and topics, leveraging SEO writing best practices, using SEO content briefs, using search intent and content optimization tools, prioritizing content updates, leveraging hub and spoke content, and establishing content workflows and processes.

✅ SEO Competitor Analysis – what tools to use, how to compare your SEO ranking and terms by a competitor, perform GAP analysis to see where you fall short and identify content and SEO strategies you may want to use as part of your SEO strategy.

✅ On-Page SEO Optimization – which on-page factors are the most important, SEO best practices for optimizing on-page items, using your SEO audit to quickly identify SEO items to correct, determining which SEO items to fix first (quick-wins to long-term projects).

✅ SEO Tools and Software – determine the right SEO tools for your business, align tools to your SEO processes and workflows, and deep dives into SEMRush, Google Search Console, and other technical and content SEO tools and software.

✅ Link Building – identify what backlinks you need to boost your SEO rankings, and determine what links your competitors have, top tactics to build high-quality backlinks and the best tools for backlink analysis and outreach.

✅ Social SEO – how to leverage your social media to influence SEO improvements, best practices by social media platforms, etc.

Who should be included in the SEO Training?

To get the most out of your SEO efforts, the following departments/staff are usually included in SEO training (Please note: attendance will vary based on weekly topics and needs.)

✔️Digital Marketing staff (Digital Marketing Director/Manager)
✔️SEO Manager/Specialist (in-house)
✔️Web Developers and Designers (in-house)
✔️Copywriters (in-house or freelancers)
✔️IT-technical team (in-house)
✔️Senior Management
✔️External Digital or Website Agencies

✅ What type of SEO Training do you offer?

Most SEO training focuses on helping you optimize your website pages so that you can rank higher in search engines. We’ll work together to identify any issues, research keywords, and go through the content optimization process. In the end, we’ll use tools to help us monitor our progress and make adjustments as needed.

✅ How often should SEO Training be done?

SEO Training is not a one-time event.

SEO Training is typically done weekly or every two weeks.

✔️ It is common to hold 1-2 hours of SEO training each week for monthly SEO Retainer Clients.

✔️ SEO training hours usually range from 2-4 hours per week for companies new or building in-house SEO capabilities.

Are you looking for an SEO expert to help your team improve online visibility? Corey can help! He’s a seasoned SEO trainer and professional with decades of experience, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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