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Is SEO Your #1 Traffic, Leads, and Sales Channel? It Should Be.

Search Engine Optimization traffic is the number one source of leads and sales for 95%+ of businesses.

“If your SEO is not your top lead or sales source, you are losing thousands to millions of dollars in sales revenues.”

✅ On average, SEO makes up 53%+ of all website traffic and 45% of sales revenues and converts web traffic at 16% (compared to PPC’s 3.75% conversion rate.) (Source: BrightEdge)

SEO Drives Substantial Growth Over 12 Months & Beyond.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy.  It requires ongoing monthly work to continue to build out new content, fix technical SEO site issues, acquire relevant backlinks and other SEO tactics.

However, over 12 months, it becomes your marketing powerhouse, as it drives substantial marketing ROIs.

The chart below illustrates a typical SEO Power Growth Curve.

SEO Program Investment Over 12 Months

PPC campaigns certainly have a place in your digital marketing strategy, as they work well to complement your SEO efforts. However, they are directly tied to your monthly budget. Stop paying for traffic, and you stop getting leads and sales.

In addition, competition and high costs per click in many industries make this a less effective marketing channel than SEO programs.

PPC Program Investment Over 12 Months

How Much Do You Spend On Paid Search Per Year?

Let us say your SEO program drives an additional 10,000 site visitors per month. If you drove 10,000 visitors per month through PPC campaigns (with an average of $2.69 per click), this would cost you around $27,000 per month, every month. Over 12 months, this is $324,000 in total PPC spend.

An average monthly SEO consulting retainer rates costs around $5,500 per month. This equates to $66,000 per year or about one-fifth of the cost of Google Ads. (Note: This doesn’t consider that each month traffic continues to increase as additional content, search terms, links, and other optimization tactics are done.)

How Much Should You Spend On SEO Per Year?

Although SEO Budgets vary by industry, level of competition, business goals, and other factors, here is a simple rule of thumb – ✅ whatever you are spending on Paid Search (Google Ads), you spend at least the same for your SEO efforts.

For example, if you spend $350K per year on Google Ads, you should spend the same or more for your search engine optimization programs.

At a bare minimum, you should spend $10K+ per month ($120K+ per year) to achieve measurable impacts on your Organic (SEO) leads and sales realistically. (Of course, this will vary a lot based on your industry, level of competition, SEO maturity, and business goals.)

What Are Your Hourly SEO Consulting Rates?

✅ SEO Consultant Hourly Rates are between $150-$300 per hour.

Hourly Consulting fees vary based on the type of SEO project:

1) Project-based SEO, 2) Hourly SEO, and 3) Monthly Retainer SEO.

You may feel this is high, but these are realist SEO hourly fees done by a seasoned professional SEO Expert with 20 years of experience.

✅ “To be an effective SEO Consultant, it requires 100’s-1,000’s of hours of working within the SEO Industry. It also involves investing in the best SEO tools to help diagnose and develop the appropriate strategies and tactics to implement successful client SEO programs. It is common to see monthly SEO tools costs between $1,000 – $2,500.”

And as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

If you are approached by an “SEO Consultant” or agency that says their hourly rates are $100 or less, I recommend you look for help elsewhere.

What SEO Monthly Retainer Rates Should I Expect?

Most client SEO retainers fall within $2,500 to $7,500 per month. They include 15 to 35 retainer hours per month for SEO consulting, research, analysis, staff training and upskilling, competitor analysis and benchmarking, SEO workflow development and documentation, leads and sales forecasting, strategy development, performance reporting, and other related SEO tasks.

✅ “Marketing ROI for yearly SEO Consulting Retainers average Ten times the annual SEO Contract.

Let’s put your SEO investment into perspective.

Use the ROI Calculator below.

SEO Audit and Consulting Fee ROI Calculator

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What Is the Lifetime Value of New SEO Customers?

Use the Lifetime Value Calculator below.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value Summary

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When Should You Hire An SEO Consultant?

A good time to hire a consultant could include any of the following:

✔️ You see a dramatic decrease in organic traffic and search engine rankings (locally, regionally, or nationally.)

✔️ You want to increase your overall Digital Marketing effectiveness to drive leads and sales.

✔️ You launched a new website, and SEO traffic/leads or sales severely declined.

✔️ Your Organic lead and sales volumes continue to decrease every week or month.

✔️ You have changed your company domain name or will soon.

✔️ Your agency is not producing the SEO results you were promised.

✔️ Coronavirus has or continues to cause significant drops in leads and sales volumes.

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