SEO Audit Process

I follow a proven & effective SEO Audit process I have developed over the years working with clients.

Corey Wenger SEO Consulting 5 Step SEO Audit Process

Step 1:
Discovery Interview

I get to know your business, sales and marketing goals, target markets, industry trends, and customer details. I collect this information with a simple survey and conference call interview.

Step 2:
SEO Audit Review &
Establish Baseline

After the Discovery Interview, the detailed SEO Audit begins. The audit is a full website analysis that examines SEO factors such as site content, technical SEO items (architecture, site speed, indexation), and off-site items (external website links).

To measure success, you first need to know your starting point. This is where you establish detailed baseline metrics. These can include items like search terms you rank for, number of pages indexed within the search engines, number of backlinks, organic traffic volumes, organic conversion rates, and other factors.

Step 3:
SEO Audit
“Quick Wins” Report

During the SEO Audit process, I will typically uncover some SEO issues that can be simple to fix.

I will provide you with a detailed quick-wins SEO report outlining specific SEO issues and easy, actionable steps used to correct these SEO problems.

*This report is delivered to you usually within three weeks of beginning the national or local SEO Audit.

Step 4:
Final SEO
Audit Report

Based on a detailed SEO Audit analysis, I will assemble the final national or local SEO Audit Report. This audit will clearly show what SEO items need fixing, specific steps on how to fix them, and overall SEO prioritization plan (quick-wins to longer-term fixes).

Please note: The SEO Audit Report is NOT an automated-software report that just lists a bunch of SEO issues with no specific, actionable steps to resolve or prioritize SEO problems.

The audit provides you with a proven, actionable, detailed and methodical framework you can immediately use in your business to help increase rankings, leads, and sales.

The SEO Audit findings are prioritized based on level of effort and overall business impacts.

SEO Prioritization Corey Wenger SEO Consulting

Step 5:
Final Report and
Client Review

After the Final local or national SEO Audit Report is sent to you to review, I will conduct a conference call to go over the details of the SEO audit and answer questions. This is the time where we work together to prioritize SEO fixes (short to long-term) and help clarify any SEO issues with your team.

Sometimes, we may discuss ongoing SEO consulting services with your company. Ongoing SEO Consulting is usually a monthly retainer. I am happy to discuss monthly client engagement options.

General Timeline for Website SEO Audits(Most Website SEO Audits take 3-5 weeks.)

General SEO Audit Timeline HD

Technical Website SEO Audit Timeline Example

Corey Wenger SEO Consulting SEO Audit Example

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