Website SEO Audit Pricing

How Much Does A Website SEO Audit Cost?

✅ The majority of a professional SEO Audit is a hands-on, data-driven process where you research your site’s competitors, identify where you stand, and make necessary changes to improve your ranking position. I can help you increase leads and sales through targeted optimizations.

*Please note: The SEO Audit Report is a detailed report that provides actionable insights on your website’s current SEO situation. It’ll help you identify and resolve SEO issues, so you can continue to rank higher in search engines.

SEO Audit Costs

✅ An SEO Audit can cost anywhere from $5,500 to $15,000+.  (Pricing varies by size of site, number of sites, site complexity, search term/topics portfolio, number of competitors to include in the analysis and other SEO factors.)

How Long Does It Take For A Website SEO Audit?

✅ Most website SEO audits take 3-5 weeks to complete, but SEO Audit timing may vary depending on the size of the site, intricacies, client responsiveness to tasks and questions, and other factors. Regardless of how long it takes to audit your website, rest assured that I am dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive SEO audit report and recommendations.


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What Is Included In The SEO Audit?

SEO Audits provide you with a comprehensive and actionable list of recommendations for improving your search engine optimization (SEO). I review SEO audit findings with you and your team to develop a plan that will improve visibility for your business.

The general and technical SEO audit can include things like crawlability and indexation problems (including XML sitemaps), poor site performance factors such as page speed, internal and external links, site health issues like 404 errors, 301 redirect problems, and broken link audit, on-page items like the title tag and meta description tags or duplicate pages on your site, and other SEO ranking factors.

Website SEO Audit deliverables typically include the following items:

Website SEO Audit Deliverables


What SEO Audit Tools Do You Use?

I use a variety of SEO audit tools to perform general and technical SEO audits. Some of my favorites SEO tools include SEMRush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, Surfer SEO, Google Search Console, GTMetrix, and Google Page Speed Insights. (SEO Audit costs may vary depending on the size of the website and if enterprise-level SEO audit tools are required.)

Are there different types of website SEO Audits?

Depending on the type of SEO audit you need, the SEO audit costs can vary. Here are some common types of SEO audits:

✅ “Free SEO Audit” take data from an SEO tool and show you a minimal view of your SEO issues and opportunities. They output some SEO scores and provide a list of usually technical website issues that need fixing to increase your SEO score. However, free SEO Audits are generally not very useful and don’t provide an accurate picture of which specific SEO ranking factors to focus on.

Please note: Most “Free SEO Audits” are just a data dump from an SEO software tool, providing little value. A free SEO audit lacks the depth and business context to make the SEO Audit helpful and valuable, instead serving only as a lead generation tactic.

✅ Software-only SEO Audits occur when you plug your website URL into an SEO analysis tool to get an SEO score and report. Generally, these reports are high-level and provide little value. SEO audit costs involve just the cost of the SEO tool you are using for the SEO audit. SEO Tool costs can range from $100 to $5,000 per month for enterprise-level SEO tools.

✅ A Technical SEO Audit provides technical issues related to your website design, architecture, site speed, and crawling and indexing issues that negatively affect your SEO rankings. A Technical SEO Audit is an essential part of the SEO audit process, but it’s not the only thing you need to worry about. Your website’s backlinks and content also need to be evaluated to ensure they’re providing the right level of exposure for your business.

✅ Comprehensive SEO Audits encompass website content audit (including the title tag and meta descriptions), technical audit (website speed and 301 redirect issues), backlinks audit, and other ranking factors like online competition (competitive audit) and identifying the correct SEO Terms and topics to focus on to improve SEO rankings and performance. These audits provide the foundation for a solid SEO strategy.

Your comprehensive SEO audit will give you the most up-to-date data and insights to help you develop your best SEO strategies. This will help improve your rankings in the search results, so you can reach your target audience faster and easier!

Does The SEO Audit Cost Include Implementation?

The SEO Audit Report is perfect for those who want to get their website optimized without any hassle. I provide a simple, step-by-step SEO report that your web developer or agency can easily implement on your behalf.

I’m a experienced SEO consultant and can help your business take its online presence to the next level by increasing traffic, leads, and sales.

Let me help you create a strategy that will work best for your company.

Please see Monthly SEO Consulting Services for more information.

What Accounts Do You Need Access To?

To conduct an effective SEO Audit, I will need access to your website and digital marketing platforms.

National SEO Audits: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Bing Webmaster Tools, Website Access, any backlink software you use.

Local SEO Audits: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Bing Webmaster Tools, Local Listings Access (Google My Business, Bing Local, Yelp, and others), Website Access.

I take data privacy seriously and will never share your information with anyone outside your company. Please send your NDA. And once the audit is complete, remove my access from these platforms.


What Are The Payment Terms?

I require a 50% payment up-front and a 50% payment upon completion.

I invest tremendous time and effort into my SEO audit services. If you work with agencies or other marketing partners, you understand this is the norm for the payment process.

Final SEO audit payments are due Net 15.

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