Monthly SEO Consulting Services

Hi – I’m Corey Wenger, your SEO Trusted Advisor.

✅ I am here to help you scale your SEO efforts in a much shorter timeframe, resulting in more traffic, leads and sales! The result?

Google has always been a powerful search engine, but as it continues to change the way it ranks websites, SEO has become increasingly difficult.

This can make getting your website ranked highly difficult, and can often be frustrating for businesses. However, with the right strategy and continued effort, you can still achieve the results that you desire.

“This is where an SEO Expert and Trusted Advisor can really help you elevate your SEO game.”

With my monthly SEO Consulting Services, you can stay ahead of the competition by getting access to the latest knowledge and expertise. I will also provide your digital marketing teams with valuable insights on optimizing any website for maximum visibility and success.

10 Ways Monthly SEO Consulting Helps Grow Leads and Sales.

✔️Identify what SEO issues are holding your website back from ranking well in Google.

✔️Identify quick-win to long-term, prioritized SEO tactics to help you increase rankings, leads, and sales.

✔️Conduct a professional website SEO Audit to document, identify, and provide a simple step-by-step process on leveraging SEO opportunities while fixing common SEO site issues.

✔️Develop a comprehensive, 12-Month SEO Strategy Plan to catapult traffic, leads, and sales.

✔️Coordinate technical SEO fixes with your internal IT/web development teams or third-party agencies.

✔️Develop specific tactics to outrank and outperform your online competition.

✔️Create a 12-month content marketing plan you can use to help increase rankings, improve Google Ads landing page scores, increase visitor engagement and site conversion rates.

✔️Create business SEO Process Workflows to leverage your internal staff resources to maximize SEO enhancements and results.

✔️Conduct staff SEO Training and Upskilling so your digital marketing teams become skilled SEO practitioners.

✔️Leverage the best SEO tools to help increase SEO scale and efficiencies, and ROI.

How Does A SEO Monthly Retainer Work?

With a monthly SEO Retainer, you can hire an SEO professional to help you optimize your website for better search engine ranking, generate leads and grow sales. This service provides a set number of hours each month (usually 15-35), so you can use them as you see fit to improve your business’ performance.

“Marketing ROI for yearly SEO Consulting Retainers average Ten Times the annual SEO Contract.” 

✅ I am confident that you will achieve a 10 Times ROI on your yearly SEO Consulting Retainer investment with me. If you do not see this return within the first 12 months, I will continue to offer my services for free until you do. So don’t hesitate – sign up today and take advantage of my guaranteed 10 Times ROI!  (*terms and conditions apply.)

10 Times ROI Guarantee

✔️ Monthly Consulting Services typically include technical and content audits, SEO training, SEO strategy development, competitor analysis, ongoing keyword and topics research, content optimization, SEO tools setup and training, SEO workflow development and documentation, reporting, and other services.

Before an SEO retainer is started, I conduct a comprehensive website SEO Audit of your site.

✅ This audit will show you what needs fixing, specific steps to fix them, and an overall SEO plan. In addition, the research provides insights into your business’s current state and future goals that can be used in developing a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Please see Website SEO Audit services to learn more.

Please see Technical SEO Audit services to learn more.

Please see Monthly SEO Pricing to learn more.


Kick-Off SEO Strategy Meeting.

The Monthly SEO Consulting Services start with the Kick-Off SEO Strategy Meeting. This meeting helps align team resources, expectations and set goals the SEO program will achieve.

SEO Kick-Off Strategy Meeting


What is Agile SEO?

I use an Agile project management methodology to determine what specific search engine optimization activities will be performed on your project each week/month. Activities can depend on client sales and marketing goals, overall SEO Strategy, timelines, available team resources, the complexity of SEO issues, and industry.

Agile SEO is a project management style used to break large projects into smaller work cycles called Sprints. Each Sprint involves prioritized SEO tasks assigned to each SEO team member and can last 1-2 weeks. At the end of each Sprint, the project manager reviews and approves SEO tasks and then pushes live on the website.

SEO Agile Process Corey Wenger SEO Consulting


What SEO Sprint Items Are Done Each Month?

During Sprint 1, we review the SEO Kick-Off Strategy Meeting outputs and develop a list of SEO backlog items. These items are then prioritized into Sprint 2, Sprint 3, Sprint 4, etc. The goal is to tackle the SEO items that require the least effort but provide high business impacts first, then move to more resource-intensive SEO items.

In Sprint 2 and following Sprints, we follow the process of “Planning, Team Workloads, and Deployment.”

In the Monday AM planning meetings, we review the Sprint backlog and agree to complete specific SEO tasks and assignments for the week (based on the week’s available resources.)

In the Friday recap meeting or email, we review work completed for the week and determine what roadblocks need clearing to increase SEO scale and efficiencies. (You will receive a full accounting of hours and tasks completed by me for each week.)

Corey Wenger Consulting Project Process


What Does A Monthly SEO Work Schedule Look Like?

✅ I will work with your digital marketing team and other internal or external resources to develop a weekly project management workflow and cadence.

A typical SEO workflow involves Monday AM planning meetings. First, we review the SEO backlog of items and assign team members specific SEO tasks and responsibilities to complete for the week.

Each Friday, you have a Zoom Call or email to recap what SEO items were completed for the week. In addition, we review the overall workflow process and determine what’s working, what’s not working, and how we can improve the overall SEO workflow process.

During the week, I will be conducting SEO audits, KPI analysis, competitor research, SEO task prioritizations, SEO campaign workload assignments, consulting, staff training, SEO recommendations, link building research, keyword research, content strategy, reporting, and other related SEO tasks.

SEO Weekly Schedule Example SD


Which SEO Factors Do You Focus On Each Month?

✅ SEO campaign tasks are prioritized based on the level of effort and business impact.

The chart below (based on the website SEO Audit research) ranks SEO tasks (backlog items) by quadrant.

Monthly SEO Services start by focusing on number one items.

These provide high business value and require relatively low effort to complete. Once these items are completed, we move to numbers two and three SEO campaign items.

SEO Prioritization Corey Wenger SEO Consulting


What Does the SEO Deployment Process Look Like?

At the end of each Sprint, you will push content, and site changes live.  This requires careful coordination with your IT, digital marketing or web development departments. For an SEO implementation, you go through pre-launch to post-launch validations to ensure everything is working correctly and maintain site integrity.

A typical SEO Deployment Process looks like the following.

SEO Deployment Process

Monthly SEO Service Activities May Include The Following:

✔️ Keywords and topic research (based on your sales and marketing goals)

✔️ Development of Pillar and Cluster Content

✔️ Competitor research (keywords, content, and link analysis)

✔️ Content gap analysis (what content is missing or needs improving)

✔️ New content creation and optimization (web pages, blogs, infographics, video, case studies, etc.)

✔️ Meta title and description optimization and testing (optimize for organic click-through rates)

✔️ Existing content review and optimization (based on targeted keywords)

✔️ Site keyword cannibalization fixes

✔️ Internal link optimization (including anchor text)

✔️ Structured data markup implementation

✔️ Assisting in fixing website technical SEO issues

✔️ Monitor site for broken links, pages, or images

✔️ Setup, manage and review 301 redirects

✔️ Monitor Google Search Console

✔️ Monitor XML sitemaps and robots.txt (site indexation)

✔️ External link building and outreach programs

✔️ Monitor and remove toxic backlinks

✔️ NAP audit and citation management (as applicable)

✔️ Google My Business optimization

✔️ Weekly and monthly activity, rankings, leads, and KPI reports

✔️ Ongoing consulting and training of client staff

✔️ Ongoing SEO strategy development

✔️ Re-run website SEO audit (quantifies site changes are improving SEO Audit scores)

✔️ Website customer polls and surveys

✔️ Website conversion rate testing and analysis

✔️ Website sales funnel testing and analysis

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