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Free SEO Consultation Implementing a successful SEO program takes time and work.

SEO plans involve an ongoing process where you continue to fix website issues, conduct keyword and competitor research, optimize and write new site content, test meta tag copy, skillfully build the correct backlinks, conduct ongoing SEO analysis and consulting, reporting, and other SEO tasks.

SEO programs require a 6-12+ month commitment to succeed. And timeframes can differ based on the level of website issues, competition, industry, overall sales and marketing goals, and other factors.

Like other marketing channels, focus and consistency are key.

I work with companies in (3) ways.

1) Monthly Retainer SEO

This option is the most common pricing model used in the industry and provides you with the highest ROI. The client pays a monthly fee for a set list of deliverables or hours per month. Services typically include ongoing keyword and competitor research, link building, content optimization, reporting, and other services.

2) Project-Based SEO

This is option is best for companies looking to fix a specific part of SEO that has a clear starting and ending point. Most website SEO audits are project-based. Other examples include if you are moving website domains or changing content management system (CMS) platforms, and you need to mitigate any ranking decreases.

3) Hourly Rate SEO

This is a good option for companies that need help or guidance in developing an SEO strategy (and is executed internally.) Company annual or quarterly digital marketing strategy sessions and staff SEO training and coaching are good examples of an hourly rate arrangement. (Please note travel fees may be billed additionally.)

Monthly SEO Retainer

Implementing a successful SEO strategy is a three-step process.

Step 1: Conduct a website SEO Audit.

A Website SEO Audit is the first step in your SEO journey.

The audit analyzes the many issues that can be negatively affecting your search engine rankings, traffic, and leads. It provides the blueprint in which SEO strategy and tactics are built from.

Step 2: Implement fixes and recommendations found in the SEO Audit.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Continue to re-run SEO Audits, fix site issues, and implement SEO recommendations and best practices to improve rankings.

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To help understand the full benefits of SEO and SEO Audits, read this article: “What Are The Benefits Of SEO And A Website SEO Audit?” Three Step SEO Process Corey Wenger Consulting_2

Monthly SEO activities can include any combination of the following.(Please note: This is not an exhaustive list but shows you what to expect. Monthly deliverables can depend on business goals, Google algorithm changes, competition, and other variables.)

Monthly SEO Activities:

  • Keyword research (based on your sales and marketing goals)
  • Competitor research (keywords, content and link analysis)
  • Content gap analysis (what content is missing or needs improving)
  • New content creation and optimization (web pages, blogs, infographics, video, case studies, etc.)
  • Meta title and description optimization and testing (optimize for organic click through rates)
  • Existing content review and optimization (based on targeted keywords)
  • Site keyword cannibalization fixes
  • Internal link optimization (including anchor text)
  • Structured data markup implementation
  • Assisting in fixing website technical SEO issues
  • Monitor site for broken links, pages or images
  • Setup, manage and review 301 redirects
  • Monitor Google Search Console
  • Monitor XML sitemaps and robots.txt (site indexation)
  • External link building and outreach programs
  • Monitor and remove toxic backlinks
  • NAP audit and citation management (as applicable)
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Weekly and monthly activity, rankings, leads and KPI reports
  • Ongoing consulting and training of client staff
  • Ongoing SEO strategy development
  • Re-run website SEO audit (quantifies site changes are improving SEO Audit scores)
  • Website customer polls and surveys
  • Website conversion rate testing and analysis
  • Website sales funnel testing and analysis

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