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The number one objective of a Search Engine Optimization Consultant is to provide guidance and advice on how to help clients improve their search engine rankings through effective and ethical search engine optimization strategies and tactics.

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What Does a Search Engine Optimization Consultant Do?

The primary functions of an SEO Consultant include:

Indianapolis-Search-Engine-Optimization-Consultant 1) Help the client determine if SEO is a good fit or not. This means conducting initial competitor and industry research, looking at the feasibility of ranking on page one of the Google search engine results, and determining if other digital marketing tactics would be more beneficial or not.

2) Set proper client SEO Expectations. This involves educating the client on what levels of investment would be needed, how long it would take to see positive SEO results on traffic and leads, what level of support the client would need to provide, and what realistic traffic, leads and sales results can be expected within specific timeframes.

3) SEO education and training. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) impacts all areas of an organization and members across departments (sales, marketing, customer service, IT, management, legal, compliance, and other departments.)

It is crucial to help educate everyone that touches SEO projects, from content writers to executive sponsors.

SEO Training across departments is one of the best ways to help ensure Search Engine Optimization programs receive the funding and ongoing support needed to succeed.

4) Uncover customer demand and trends. An excellent Search Engine Optimization Consultant will help discover what prospects and customers search for online.

Typically, there is a vast difference between what the client believes customers search for online and what actual search terminology customers use to find products, services, and solutions.

The SEO Consultant can provide a great deal of clarity around what specific search terms to use for effective lead generation SEO programs.

5) Help find and fix website issues. During the Search Engine Optimization Audit process, it is common to see website issues. These can include things like missing images to broken pages (404 errors).

The Website SEO Audit can also find website navigation and conversion problems that negatively affect sales lead conversions.

For example, it is customary to discover too many steps in a website sales funnel or less than an optimal primary of secondary navigation elements that create poor website visitor experiences.

My SEO Experience.

I have spent the last 19 years working with Indianapolis and U.S.-based companies to improve their search engine rankings (primarily Google), so they can boost traffic, leads, and sales.

I enjoy both the SEO process and the results I see from my SEO programs.

I possess a unique blend of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, technical, and business acumen that is hard to find in the Indianapolis / Midwest market. I believe these skillsets and extensive SEO knowledge make me an excellent choice for your SEO projects and initiatives.

To learn more about me, call 317-575-6568 or fill out the web form or connect via the chatbot.

Industries I’ve Served.

I have worked in over a dozen industries since 1999. The primary sectors I serve include professional business services (B2B), industrial/manufacturing, medical, engineering, retail, and college/university.

Please note, if you don’t see your industry listed here, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you.

Search Engine Optimization strategies and tactics can be successfully applied to all types of businesses and industries.

If you are looking for a seasoned, successful, and Indianapolis-based SEO Expert, let’s connect.

How to Get Started?

The best way to begin is to have an open dialogue on what you want to achieve with your Digital Marketing / SEO program.

This involves a free 30-minute SEO Consultation with Corey Wenger.

Use the contact form or call me at 317-575-6568 or tool-free 1-877-436-8604.

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