Indianapolis SEO Consulting Expert

I have spent nearly 20 years helping companies throughout the Indianapolis region and across the United States in developing, implementing, and managing successful SEO programs.

As an Indianapolis SEO Consulting Expert, I have helped Indianapolis companies answer questions like:

✔️ Why did my search engine rankings dramatically drop?

✔️ We launched a new website. Why did our website traffic decrease?

✔️ How can we improve our Google search engine rankings to drive more quality leads?

✔️ How can we better integrate our PPC and SEO programs to drive better results?

✔️ What specific keywords and terms should we be targeting for more leads?

✔️ Why are our online competitors ranking in Google, and we are not?

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Hiring an SEO Expert

Indianapolis-SEO-Consulting-Expert When hiring an SEO Expert, it is crucial to understand that SEO is more than just a list of technical website issues generated from automated software or website.

Search engine optimization experts must encompass a fall arsenal of SEO tools, digital marketing skills, and business acumen.

Successful SEO experts in Indianapolis have these characteristics, skills, and knowledge.

1) Expert-level knowledge of SEO based on real-world application and experience. The best SEO Consultants have built their knowledge through first-hand, real-world experience.

There is no better way to become an expert in search engine optimization than rolling up your sleeves and doing the SEO work.

2) Good questioning and listening skills. An SEO expert must have a good understanding and context around the sales and marketing objectives of the client.

3) Proper use of industry SEO Tools. To perform a thorough Website SEO Audit, an SEO Expert must rely on his or her analysis tools. This means utilizing the best SEO tools that allow you to perform on-page, technical, and off-page SEO evaluations effectively.

Among the many tools you can use, some of the best tools include SEMRush, Ahrefs, SERanking, Google Search Console, Google Keywords Planner,, and many others.

4) Strong research skills are needed to help clients uncover the best search terms to focus on, which Indianapolis competitors to track, what content to create, and what infrastructure or technical factors to fix.

5) SEO Consultants need strong writing and verbal communication skills. It is critical for the SEO Expert to appropriately communicate what the expectations of the client and the search engine optimization consultant are.

For example, an SEO Expert will help evaluate if SEO if a fit for the client, what level of investments will be needed, and what timelines they can expect to see positive results from SEO initiatives.

6) Strong analytical skills help SEO Experts filter through a lot of data and information. Familiar sources of data include Google Analytics, client sales/marketing data, Google Search Console, Google Ads, SEO tools, and many other data sources.

7) Strong attention to detail is a beneficial trait of an SEO Expert. To provide a solid SEO plan and recommendations, you must be able to analyze, research, document, and prioritize SEO findings accurately.

8) Last, an SEO Expert must always stay on top of the latest industry best practices, developments, and technologies that can positively or negatively affect search engine rankings.

This means you are a perpetual digital marketing student with a never-ending quest for SEO knowledge and application.

If you are looking for a seasoned, successful, and Indianapolis-based SEO Expert, let’s connect.

How to Get Started?

The best way to get started is to have an open conversation on what you want to accomplish with your Digital Marketing / SEO program.

This involves a free 30-minute SEO Consultation with Corey Wenger.

Use the contact form or call me at 317-575-6568 or tool-free 1-877-436-8604.

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