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Growing your organic website traffic and sales leads is an essential component of your digital marketing plan. Organic means website traffic you don’t pay for – this is free traffic.

An Organic SEO expert’s job is to help you rank on page one of the Google search engine results page. Ideally, this is in positions 1-5, as these get the most organic clicks.

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What Factors Impact Organic Search Results?

Many elements affect a website’s ability to rank well in the search engines.

Some of the most critical organic factors include the following.

Organic-SEO-Consulting-Expert 1) Number of quality backlinks linking to your site.

Backlinks are any website links that link back to your website. They can consist of business directories, industry directories, business partnership websites, guest blogs, PR, and other external sites.

The number of backlinks you need to rank well for specific search terms will vary by industry and level of competition.

To learn more about building quality backlinks, read this article – “7 Simple Steps to Increase Website Backlinks.”

2) Great website content.

Google favors websites that provide excellent, unique, and authoritative content. This means providing content that is highly relevant and engages your customers at all stages of the purchase cycle.

You not only need great content; you need to target the correct keywords and search terms to maximize your Organic SEO efforts. To learn more about keyword research, read this article – “How To Do Keyword Research Like An SEO Pro.”

Some of the best resources to obtain excellent search term potentials include your customers, sales, and customer service colleagues.

3) SEO-friendly website design.

From a technical design perspective, your website should be SEO-friendly.

This means your site should be responsive, use HTTPS to secure the site, have a flat site architecture, super-fast page load speeds, and be highly indexable by the search engines.

To determine SEO issues that impact organic rankings, it is common to start with the Website SEO Audit.

The SEO Audit examines on-page, technical, and off-page factors that can negatively affect your Organic SEO rankings.
Learn more about Website SEO Audits.

What Are The Benefits of Working with an Organic SEO Consulting Expert?

Hiring an Organic SEO expert is the fastest path to increasing your Google SEO rankings, leads, and sales. By leveraging consulting knowledge, toolsets, best practices, and effective SEO strategies and tactics, you save a great deal of time and effort.

Also, organic SEO consultants provide you with the latest SEO tactics and trends that can impact your search engine rankings. This avoids wasting time, money, and effort when you try to implement outdated SEO tactics that don’t work or actually harm your SEO rankings.

How to Get Started?

The best way to start is to have an open conversation on what you want to achieve with your Digital Marketing / SEO program.

This involves a free 30-minute SEO Consultation with Corey Wenger.

Use the contact form or call me at 317-575-6568 or tool-free 1-877-436-8604.

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