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Anatomy of SEO Inbound Marketing: 9 Steps

SEO Inbound Marketing is about providing relevant, valuable, and helpful content to prospective customers throughout their entire buying cycle. Each piece of content must help educate and move the customer to the next logical step in the buying process.

Inbound SEO Marketing allows you to build customer relationships during the customer journey. Customers learn about your brands, services, products, and solutions in a self-service manner, where the customer proceeds at their own pace.

Anatomy of SEO Inbound Marketing

Anatomy of SEO Inbound Marketing

1. Research.

SEO Inbound Marketing starts with customer pain points, triggers, purchase behaviors, competitors, and related information.

2. Customer Personas.

Define common customer problems and pain points, job title, income, age, background, motivations, goals, and other characteristics. Then, map specific types of content to each step in the customer buying cycle.

3. Keywords and Topics.

Develop a keyword and topics list by surveying current customers, talking with sales and customer service personnel, and using SEO tools to determine search volumes, competitiveness, and annual trends.

4. Lead Magnet.

Use gated content, eBook, guides, checklists, videos, infographics, Slideshare presentations, podcasts, templates, best practices, and other content to capture the customer’s email address. (Inbound Marketing content must be helpful and provide real value to the customer.)

5. Landing Page.

Develop high-value web pages that are fully SEO Optimized. Pages can include blogs, articles, products, services, and other relevant pages.

6. Content Creation.

Create new or update existing web pages around targeted keywords and topics found during your keyword research.

7. SEO Optimization.

Optimize every piece of content to rank high in the search engines. Follow content, on-page, and technical SEO best practices.

8. Content Promotion.

Promote Inbound Marketing content through SEO, blog guest posting, content syndication, native content advertising, social media posts, and other relevant marketing channels.

9. Lead Nurturing.

Use your Marketing Automation platform to score leads and develop specific lead nurturing email campaigns to build relationships and move customers toward conversions.

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