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Top 10 Signs You Need An SEO Audit

A website SEO Audit’s primary function is to uncover website issues preventing your site from ranking well in the search engines.

Below are the top 10 signs you need to perform a website SEO Audit.

Top 10 Signs Time for SEO Audit

Top 10 Signs You Need An SEO Audit

1.It’s been more than 6 months – since you have done a website SEO Audit!

2.You’ve seen a drop – in SEO rankings and organic traffic.

3.You are making significant website changes within the next 12 months– to content, design or functionality.

4.You are changing domains – due to rebranding, merger, acquisition or similar reason.

5.Increasing emphasis on SEO efforts within the next 12 months – expanding and adding resources to grow SEO.

6.Google competition is increasing– it is becoming more difficult to rank for highly relevant search terms and topics in Google and other search engines.

7.Need to create an SEO Strategy – develop an integrated and documented SEO strategy based on data, research and insights.

8.Website issues are hurting your rankings – need help identifying, fixing and prioritizing website SEO issues and enhancements.

9.Determine an SEO budget for next 12 months – based on data, research, website fixes, tools, staffing, training, & outsourcing.

10.Need to identify the best SEO terms – to drive quality website traffic and increase leads and sales growth.

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