SEO Maturity Scale

The SEO Maturity Scale: Where Are You?

The SEO Maturity Scale helps you determine where your company is in terms of your SEO capabilities and performance. The chart below is based on ten important SEO and business criteria and is broken into five levels, from novice to expert.

*As a company increases its resources (staff, funding, technologies, and Senior Management support), the SEO business impact (traffic, leads, and sales growth) dramatically increases.

SEO Maturity Scale

SEO Maturity Curve 2

Here is a quick summary of each SEO Maturity Scale position.


This is always the most challenging place to start. You have little experience and must fight for resources to test and prove a business case for SEO. There is a steep learning curve here; most of what is learned is from online Blogs and through hands-on trial and error.


You have gained some experience and traction with SEO but still have less than 12 months of experience. You have a small SEO budget for tools and maybe some outsourced content, but you still have a long way to go to prove SEO is a solid digital marketing channel worth scaling and investing in.


You have experienced some nice SEO wins and have gained the attention of your boss and Senior Management. This is when you add dedicated SEO staff, see additional SEO funding, and continue growing in-house SEO capabilities.


You are now more than three years into your SEO journey. You continue to hire dedicated staff (technical, web, content, SEO) to scale and grow your SEO capabilities.

Increasingly, a majority of your SEO is done in-house. However, you still see the value of SEO Consulting services through monthly staff training, learning about the latest SEO trends, and new tools to make your SEO more impactful and easier to manage.


Congratulations! You have a fully integrated SEO strategy with a team of dedicated SEO professionals. SEO is your number one lead and sales channel. You continue to scale and experience much success with your SEO efforts.

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