What Are The Benefits Of SEO And A Website SEO Audit

What are the benefits of an SEO Audit

Top 13 Benefits Of Website SEO Audits

SEO Audits Help Uncover Key Areas You Need to Fix

There are many more advantages to a website SEO Audit, then just listing existing SEO issues to fix. Audits drive measurable value from providing research and insights that help provide the foundation for improved website rankings, conversions, and visitor experiences.

Here are the top ways SEO Audits contribute value to your business.

1) Forecast SEO growth potential and impact on your site traffic, leads, and sales.

✔️ Understand the business implications on leads and sales if you do not invest in SEO tactics (keeping the status quo.)

Examine various SEO forecast scenarios to determine the effect on traffic, leads, and sales at different SEO investment levels.

2) Develop a business case to get Senior Management support, buy-in, and funding.

✔️ An SEO Audit will provide a current baseline of organic traffic and leads, traffic and lead projections, website issues that need to be fixed, competition research, and other data and insights critical to justifying investments in SEO initiatives.

3) Determine what level of resources are needed to build an in-house agency to manage a successful SEO program.

✔️ An SEO Audit analyzes your website in an unbiased manner. Depending on the level of SEO issues and the organization’s SEO strategy and marketing and sales goals, you can determine the internal and external resources needed to execute a successful SEO program.

4) Determine what marketing technology stack you need to implement and manage an SEO program.

✔️ An SEO Audit can help your organization determine what specific SEO software and tools are needed to use to implement and sustain an SEO program.

✔️ Depending on the scale of your SEO program, SEO tools can range from stand-alone to enterprise-level platforms and solutions.

5) Outrank and outperform your competitors by leveraging SEO Audit research and tactics.

✔️ An SEO Audit is an excellent tool to determine what specific SEO tactics your competitors are using. See how you compare to your direct competitors and what steps you can take to steal market share from them.

You can discover what explicit content and search terms drive traffic and leads, where your competitors obtain backlinks from, and what paid search terms they are bidding on.

6) Pinpoint what specific website issues are negatively affecting your SEO efforts.

✔️ To improve your SEO rankings and performance, you need first to understand your obstacles and roadblocks preventing you from increasing rankings and traffic. Get a simple, prioritized, step-by-step SEO guide on how to improve your SEO rankings, ranging from “quick-wins” to longer-term solutions. This information can then be given to your web developer, agency, or SEO Consultant to help implement SEO fixes.

7) Increase leads and sales by targeting the right keywords and search terms.

✔️ A Website SEO Audit will uncover content gaps in your website. (This means you have missing or underdeveloped site content.) Create a thorough content roadmap based on targeted keywords for website content, blogs, articles, whitepapers, and other digital content assets.

8) Develop a robust, successful SEO strategy for business growth.

✔️ The audit provides a solid foundation to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your organization.

It helps you determine which specific keywords and phrases to target, what competitor SEO tactics you can mimic, exposes content gaps, and technical website roadblocks that need fixing to elevate your SEO rankings, leads, and sales.

9) Avoid losing SEO rankings from new site launches or old site migrations.

✔️ It is highly recommended that anytime you are updating your website or launching a new site, you conduct a website SEO Audit. This can save your company $1,000s to $10,000s in web design re-work costs.

10) Increase website conversions.

✔️ It is common to uncover site conversion issues during a website SEO Audit. As part of a standard Audit, I will conduct some high-level conversion analysis to uncover conversion rate issues. And often, I will implement various conversion rate optimization software to provide further testing and analysis, so you can discover what is tripping up conversions and what you can do to fix them.

The result – you increase site conversions, leads, and sales.

11) Find and fix broken website links.

✔️ It is common to find broken links and missing images during a website SEO Audit. You improve your website visitor experience and engagement by correcting these issues.

12) Validate website analytics is appropriately set up and tracking data correctly.

✔️ It is common to find setup issues with Google Analytics or other site analytics platforms. These can range from missing analytics codes to incorrect goal attribution.

13) Determine customer marketing trends.

✔️ Discover which of your brands, products, services, and solutions have the highest customer demand. This can be quantified through search term analysis using a variety of SEO tools like Google Keywords Planner or SEMRush. These tools provide historic monthly search volumes, trending data, seasonality, and search intent.

SEO Benefits Drive Business Growth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful marketing tools for CMOs, Digital Marketing Directors and Managers, Business Owners, and organizations. On average, SEO makes up 53% of all website traffic and 45% of sales revenues and converts web traffic at 16% (compared to PPC’s 3.75% conversion rate.)

Here are the primary benefits SEO provides to businesses.

1) Build a sustainable monthly pipeline of quality sales leads.

✔️ Local or National SEO programs provide a consistent monthly pipeline of high-quality leads. Yes, it takes time to ramp up SEO, but the business impact over 12 months can significantly increase your company’s leads and sales revenues.

✔️ 53% of all site traffic comes from organic search, 15% from paid search, 5% for social media sites, and 27% from all other sources. (Source: BrightEdge)Organic Vs PPC Percent of Total Traffic✔️ 45% of revenues are generated from organic search. (Source: BrightEdge)Organic Vs PPC Share of Revenues2) Enhance and complement your paid search campaigns.

✔️ SEO and paid search complement one another. Multiple studies have shown that running both campaigns can increase click-through rates (CTRs) for organic and paid search ads when both listings occur on the first page of the search engine results.

3) Reduce monthly PPC campaign costs.

✔️ By ranking for non-paid search terms, you can lower your monthly PPC budget costs.

As you continue to rank for more organic search terms, your SEO traffic will increase, and your PPC traffic will decrease.

4) SEO is cheaper and more cost-effective than paid search campaigns.

✔️ Let us say your SEO program drives an additional 10,000 site visitors per month. If you drove 10,000 visitors per month through PPC campaigns (with an average $2.69 per click), this would cost you around $27,000 per month, every month. Over 12 months, this is $324,000 in total PPC spend.

✔️ An average 12-month SEO program costs around $5,500 per month. This equates to $66,000 per year or about one-fifth of the cost of Google Ads. (Note: This doesn’t consider that each month traffic continues to increase as additional content, search terms, links, and other optimization tactics are done.) Learn more about SEO Pricing.

5) SEO drives more traffic through higher search engine (organic) click-through rates (CTRs).

✔️ The average click-through rate in Google search ads is 3.17% (Source: WordStream.)

✔️ The average click-through rate of organic Google search is 50%. (Source: Search Engine Land.)Organic vs PPC CTR6) SEO lead conversion rates are higher than other digital channels.

✔️ The average organic (SEO) conversion rate is 16%. (Source: MarketingSherpa.)

SEO converts leads four times greater than paid search campaigns.

✔️ The average Google Ads conversion rate is 3.75%. (Source: WordStream)Organic vs PPC Conversion Rate7) SEO has lower costs per lead than other marketing channels.

✔️ Average SEO cost per lead is $31.00 (37% cheaper than PPC.)

✔️ The average Google Ads cost per lead is $49.00. (Source: WordStream)Organic vs PPC Cost Per Lead8) SEO traffic is free.

✔️ SEO traffic allows you to increase customer traffic without increasing the cost it takes to acquire new customers. With paid search, you stop paying, and the traffic stops. Yes, SEO does require ongoing investment, but the benefits of a consistent pipeline of traffic and leads make National or Local SEO Programs a solid investment that can drive substantial ROIs.

9) SEO is an inbound (content marketing) strategy.

✔️ Search engine optimization programs allow you to capture the first touchpoint with the prospective customer. This could be a lead form to a single email address. From this point forward, utilize your CRM and marketing automation tools to send relevant and educational information to build trust, credibility, and move them closer towards the purchase.

Inbound SEO is non-intrusive and lets the buyer consume information when and where they want to.

10) SEO ROI can be tracked accurately as other digital marketing campaigns.

SEO ROI✔️ A common misconception about SEO is that is can be difficult to track ROI. This is not the case, and it is a matter of properly setting up your Google Analytics or other web analytics platform with Google Search Console, and your sales data.

11) SEO matches the way customers research, find, and purchase products and services.

✔️ SEO allows you to provide engaging and relevant content for each customer stage of the purchase process.

✔️ Match topics and content to each customer buying stage. Top of funnel searches looks for answers to questions, resources, education, and research. Mid funnel is where the web searchers are researching if your product or service is a good fit for them. Bottom funnel searches are where comparisons and purchases are made.

12) SEO is scalable.

✔️ Every page on your site can be optimized to rank in the search engines.

This provides companies with massive scale to drive traffic, leads and sales growth.

Final Thoughts

It this article, we discussed the most common benefits of Website SEO Audits and SEO programs provide to companies. These range from increasing leads and sales to improving site conversion rates and discovering new customer trends.

Website SEO audits are a fantastic way to provide Senior Management with research and analysis to support your organization’s SEO initiatives and objectives. Follow this link to learn more about Corey Wenger Website SEO Audits.

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