SEO Resources Matrix

What Resources Are Needed For Successful SEO Programs?

SEO is an ongoing, cross-functional event requiring dedicated internal and external resources to leverage and scale your results.

By combining resources, you maximize SEO effectiveness at driving leads and sales and provide a rapid scale of efficiencies.

SEO Resources Matrix

The Four Required SEO Resources:

✔️ Internal Copywriters
✔️ Internal Technical (designer and developers)
✔️ External SEO Consultant
✔️ External Web Design Agency or Freelance Writers

Each resource is essential in helping improve SEO fixes, implementing SEO enhancements, and providing the ongoing support needed to drive SEO performance.

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Corey has over 20 years of Digital Marketing and SEO experience and is the owner of Corey Wenger SEO Consulting. Corey is an SEO Expert and Consultant and has deep knowledge in troubleshooting, educating, coaching, guiding, and scaling your SEO Strategies and tactics so that you can increase keyword rankings, leads, and sales. Additionally, Corey helps businesses develop SEO Strategies to compete more effectively against search engine competition. Corey is also an SEO Trainer and enjoys helping his clients learn and master SEO tactics, tools, and strategies.

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